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What happens in one minute online?

We have a new infographic for the new year looking at the incredible volume of all the search and social media sharing activities that happen each and every minute across all the main digital marketing platforms.

Managing Content Shock Infographic600pxBLOG

The full post is on Smart Insights: What Happens in 60 Seconds Online.

It discusses the challenge for online marketers to counter “content shock” and in keeping up-to-date with the most significant developments.

Connectedness in social media

Here’s a video that may interesting for instructors and students following digital marketing or social media courses.

It features Dr Jillian Ney, the first Dr of social media in the UK. She is the brainchild behind and CEO of Disruptive Insight, a social intelligence consultancy that specialises in transforming digital noise into valuable insight for business.

She talks about the symbolism of connectedness in social media, how social networking sites do not really allow us to connect properly, and questions the future of social networking.

You can buy attention (advertising)
You can beg for attention from the media (PR)
You can bug people one at a time to get attention (sales)

Or you can earn attention by creating something interesting and valuable and then publishing it online for free: a YouTube video, a blog, a research report, photos, a Twitter stream, an ebook, a Facebook page.

A great tool for explaining social media marketing to a group via the great David Meerman Scott.

Slideshare: How Dell manages Reputation Management for Social Media

I’m updating my Dell case study. @Kerry@Dell Social Media Communications Manager, EMEA has a good collection of Slideshares if you’re looking to learn from Dell’s social strategy.

Dell also has their own Slideshare page with global examples.

More good social media advice from Altimeter

This report focuses on Crisis management – not so many major crises acc to the report. I was more interested in the SM capability model. Where are you/your clients at?

1) Foundation: First, develop a business plan and put governance in place.

2) Safety: Then, get organized by anointing a team and process to deal with crises.

3) Formation: Next, connect business units to increase coordination and reduce duplication.

4) Enablement: Grow by letting them prosper – give business units the support and flexibility to reach goals

5) Enlightenment: Finally, weave real-time market response into business processes and planning.