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As use of mobile devices continues to skyrocket across the globe, we’re seeing more ways to tackle the challenge of creating great web experiences across multiple devices. But which approach is right for any given project?

For us site performance and speed of development were crucial. So many of the decisions we made were designed to make both of these as fast as possible. As part of our focus on performance, we also had a philosophy of “just what’s necessary”. This meant sending things to devices (and people) that didn’t actually need them made us squeamish. We liked to optimize. With a dual template system we felt we had more optimization of: source order, media, URL structure, and application design (more on each of these below).

With many now taking the decision as to whether a separate mobile site is necessary or the desktop version is sufficient for smartphone/tablet use as resolutions improve, this is a timely case by ex eBay designer LukeW. He suggests that a separate mobile site has clear benefits as the quote above shows: