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What happens in one minute online?

We have a new infographic for the new year looking at the incredible volume of all the search and social media sharing activities that happen each and every minute across all the main digital marketing platforms.

Managing Content Shock Infographic600pxBLOG

The full post is on Smart Insights: What Happens in 60 Seconds Online.

It discusses the challenge for online marketers to counter “content shock” and in keeping up-to-date with the most significant developments.

I thought it might be interesting/useful to share my experiences of how I created my first infographic. Dan Bosomworth has been the brains behind most of our Marketing Infographics for Smart Insights although I have reviewed and shaped them.

This was the first statistics-based infographic I’ve been involved with producing. It took around 3-4 hours to research with assistance from a researcher – thanks Louise! I aimed for it to be both useful and to look good (thanks to Rich our designer at First10). I also wanted to make the source of the data clear for anyone following up on it – infographics are often poor at crediting their sources, sometimes making them look good, but useless…

We also wanted to link to the objective of promoting Rene Powers new Ebook, so had a clear call-to-action for this. I wondered whether this would affect sharing, but it seems to have been shared quite well with Pinterest the highest thanks to my including the sharing button in the post. Shares so far for the B2B infographic according to SharedCount – a good, quick way to prepare a summary are:

Likes: 24
Shares: 40
Comments: 0
Total: 64

Tweets: 191

Google +1
+1s: 15

Diggs: 0

Pinned: 226

Shares: 158

Bookmarks: 3

Stumbles: 0

It took a couple of weeks overall with the design revisions, so infographics aren’t “cheap, quick or easy”.

I hope this is interesting for others thinking about creating infographics?