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    1. The publisher has told me November 2015 Hanno, but I doubt this, since no Amazon listings for the new edition.

      This is why we setup Smart Insights – we can update our member content each week.



  1. Dear Dave, we have discussed before via LinkedIn about digital marketing. I have one question for you:
    I was asked by my manager to prepare a benchmark about competitors digital display ads. After checking online I have found ‘whatrunswhere.com’, some people say it is a good tool. Basically I would like to see competitors ads (creatives, main performance statistics, landing pages…). Are you aware of any insightful tool in this regard? Thanks in advance.


  2. Dear Dave,
    I am going to teach e-marketing and your book is the prescribed textbook. ISBN number: 978-0-7506-8945-8. Is there any way for me to get the powerpoint slides?


  3. Dear Dr.Dave,

    Good day to you and thanks for your wonderful website. I need some help with my marketing assignments.
    In my organization, we have both products services to serve the customer. In creating a marketing plan, I set an objective to raise brand awareness. In this case do I use 4Ps or 7Ps as part of the tactical mix? Since we have both products and services.

    Thanks a lot Sir!


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