7 steps to a Content Marketing strategy

Our research has shown that many marketers are now advocates of Content Marketing, but don’t have a Content Marketing strategy. I believe that since content marketing should be at the heart of digital marketing, a content strategy is essential, since specific tactics for other digital channels should flow from here. Content marketing can fuel SEO, Social media marketing, email marketing and conversion strategies too, meaning that they can managed together. From a customer point-of-view, a content marketing strategy supports customer engagement across the customer lifecycle.

So, what’s involved with developing and implementing a content marketing strategy? We cover this in our Smart Insights Content Strategy guide and I have also summarised it in this infographic which we have illustrated with our Content Marketing 2015 research report (free download) published with HubSpot.


8 thoughts on “7 steps to a Content Marketing strategy”

  1. Content is the king. No matter how much we try to deny it but content is crucial for digital marketing success. Your content marketing strategy plays an important role in bringing success to your business or website.

    Content marketing strategy is not something that we can come up with in a few hours or overnight. Research is very important to come up with an effective strategy.


  2. Thanks for sharing content marketing tips. Many online business today really wanted to have the maximum online exposure they can have. Having quality content is one of the things needed in order to have good organic searches, build brand and reach customers.


  3. Hello, thanks for sharing this. Well, great content is the first part, getting it out there is the second and most important part. You have really taken care of the basics. Well done.


  4. Hello, thanks for sharing this. The real problem now is, even though marketers feel like they have nailed the content marketing strategy, Context marketing seems to be pushing the former off it’s throne.
    This is attributed to the fact that customers receive messages that do not relate to them, and they receive it at the wrong time. Also the number of messages a customer receives per day is high.

    A large number (Around 70%) of customers are unfollowing brands on social channels, also more than 50% customers opt out of email communications, and delete apps because of push notifications.

    In this case is there anything that marketers can do to compete in content marketing.


  5. Hello, great post. Thanks for sharing. The real problem now is that context marketing is pushing content marketing off it’s throne. Today’s customers feel they receive too many marketing messages that do not relate to them and also reach them at the wrong time.
    In fact around 70% customers are unfollowing brands on social channels, and more than 50% customers, delete apps because of push messages and opt out of email communications.
    Any thoughts on how marketers should approach this?


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