V2MOM: A planning mnemonic from Marc Benioff of Salesforce.com:

  1. Vision: What do you want? Write it down in 10 to 15 words

  2. Values: What is most important about that vision? What are the values of the vision? Is it growth, is it quality, is it excellence? Write those things down and prioritize them.

  3. Methods: How are you going to achieve it? What are the actions that you’re going to specifically take? In priority, write them down.

  4. Obstacles: What is preventing you from achieving that outcome – right now? Write it down. What other obstacles may occur?

  5. Measures: How will you know if you’re successful? What are the measurements of success? Write it down.

Focus… is tough! These ideas on how to get it in this post on Marketing Focus from Danyl Bosomworth were new to me and look useful.

V2MOM is a clunky acronym, but I like the focus on Obstacles – often when setting objectives we don’t look at what will get in the way. When I used to manage software dev, looking at project risks was a big part of planning, so why not in business/marketing strategy:

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