The future of communications – for me, this is definitely the most entertaining video on marketing from this year or maybe any year. Well there is Bill Hicks on Marketing, but that’s not entertaining… This one is a must show for teaching on digital marketing courses or anyone who grapples with predicting the future of tech.

Originally titled “Telecommunications services for the 1990s”. They actually got pretty close – although think it was closer to 2010 when these became true – made in 1969 at the Post Office Research Station, Dollis Hill. My personal favourites are:

  • Video phones (0:20) – the benefits of which are exemplified by a very 60s negligee

  • Skyping (2:30) – A call between the UK and Australia

  • Google Maps on iPhone (4:10) – In B+W of course

  • Online mortgage application (6:40) – Dig the wooden cased VDU

Thanks to Tim Faircliff, ex AOP Chairman and Publisher at the Telegraph and Reuters for showing this at the Dovetail Services Annual conference last week.

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