For speed freaks only?

I’m researching impact of page load speed on sales – even today when most have broadband. In the UX chapters of my books I used to use the Akamai data on conversion impact of speed, but I don’t think they publish now – maybe doesn’t make the case as well.

This is an interesting blog on how you can use Google Analytics to get an idea of the impact of speed on revenue

Following up further, this analysis of sites shows that the larger sites often have poor performance despite use of Content Distribution Networks (CDNs) like Akamai and Cloudflare.

Apparently, the average user perception of acceptable download speed is 3 seconds while the average Fortune 500 site is 7 seconds. But for the top US retailers the average was 11.21 seconds with only a small number delivering acceptable sub-3 second performance.

CDN Example

Fascinating stuff and all impacts CSAT and $.

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