How applies the power of web analytics…

We have real-time data. There are no weekly or monthly reports; there is nothing you can really do in response to retrospective reports.

In a web environment, you need to be thinking: “Is there anything I can do in this minute, this hour or this day to change the business or move it along?”

All around the office we have screens showing traffic and subscriptions data. I think it has made a difference to the culture it’s made us more snappy and quicker at turning things around.

On Email marketing…

We have built automated marketing processes on the back of those insights that go out in emails. That has been transformational for us. We have gone from sending out 3.7 million emails and 90% of the audience not being interested, to sending a few tens of thousands of emails each week only to those who are most likely to want to subscribe.

Quote from Rob Grimshaw, the MD of in this Marketing Week interview

Also a classic quote about how to target with Email

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