Number of Internet users to pass 3 billion

New figures by the ITU today predict that, by end 2014, there will be almost 3 billion Internet users, two-thirds of them coming from the developing world, and that the number of mobile-broadband subscriptions will reach 2.3 billion globally. Fifty-five per cent of these subscriptions are expected to be in the developing world.

Mobile-cellular subscriptions will reach almost 7 billion by end 2014, and 3.6 billion of these will be in the Asia-Pacific region. The increase is mostly due to growth in the developing world where mobile-cellular subscriptions will account for 78 per cent of the world’s total.

Source: ITU

Connectedness in social media

Here’s a video that may interesting for instructors and students following digital marketing or social media courses.

It features Dr Jillian Ney, the first Dr of social media in the UK. She is the brainchild behind and CEO of Disruptive Insight, a social intelligence consultancy that specialises in transforming digital noise into valuable insight for business.

She talks about the symbolism of connectedness in social media, how social networking sites do not really allow us to connect properly, and questions the future of social networking.

The web: 25 years old in 2014

Did you know that 2014 marks the 25th anniversary of the invention of the web by Sir Tim Berner’s Lee in 1989 and of course, CERN are rightly celebrating this.

You can see from this screenshot of the first site how far the web has come:

Web Timeline

It’s been fascinating to see how the web has evolved from technical project to a new way of doing business to an essential part of everyday life for most us.

For me, personally, technology has changed so much when I look back at my timeline (this taken from an earlier edition of my Ebusiness and Ecommerce Management) book. Amazing to think I hadn’t sent an email until 1991, and now…


How does your digital technology timeline look?

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